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Troll juice hero
Troll juice 3d mock 473ml

Kveik IPA

Troll Juice

We've had a small troll infestation for years. These diminutive pests cause nothing but grief, so we put them to use. From their home in Scandinavia, they brought us Kveik yeast, which gives this beer a quality unlike anything else. Enjoy this hazy, fruity, spicy IPA and remember to feed the trolls!

Troll Juice is an unfiltered, IPA brewed with an ancient Norweigan yeast strain called Kveik (pronounced "Kwike"). This strain produces bold citrus peel esters, which are accentuated by the massive amounts of Galaxy hops used to dry hop this beer. Exploding with flavours of pineapple, lychee, guava and grapefruit, Troll Juice is an incredibly crushable beer. 


Limited Release



Serving Temp

5 - 6° C


Galaxy, Simcoe, Centennial, Simcoe Cryo


Pilner, Rye malt, Wheat malt  




Rye malt, Wheat malt

473ml Tall Can

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