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Cherry refraction hero
Outshinery parallel49 cherry refraction %281%29

Wild Farmhouse Saison with Cherries

Cherry Refraction

From our Cork & Cage Series

Like the refraction of light through a prism, we’ve changed the wavelength of this beer through the addition of second-use fruit. The first beer in our Refraction series is a French oak barrel-aged, mixed culture saison, conditioned on Lapin cherries from our Late Bloomer Cherry Sour. This tart saison has delicate cherry notes with hints of vanilla and almond, and a soft lactic flavour with earthy funk. Unfiltered and conditioned in the bottle so please pour gently.


Cork & Cage



Serving Temp

5 - 6° C




Pilsner, Aromatic, Wheat, Munich, Flaked Oats


Mixed-culture. French Saison and Belgian Saison yeast, and any resident microbes from the barrels and cherries.


Wheat, Oats, Cherries


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