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The last few months have been a particularly challenging time for the restaurant and hospitality industry. Our Street Kitchen continues to diligently follow PHO guidelines for the safest staff and guest experience possible.

We are thrilled to welcome new head chef Julianna Holt to the P49 team.  We know she will foster a positive and respectful environment and the highest standards of quality with her leadership, not to mention some amazing new dishes! (When indoor dining resumes, we’ll have a fresh new brunch menu in the Street Kitchen.)

As the entire country works towards opening up this summer, our staff, suppliers and partners have been so diligent and flexible all year and we cannot thank them enough for their commitment to safety. 

Front-of-house staff will be taking part in a session with the Vancouver chapter of Good Night Out, a volunteer society “committed to building community capacity to prevent and respond to sexual harassment and sexual assault in all sectors.” Learn more about their good work at

Ren Navarro of Beer.Diversity continues to advise ownership and staff through day-to-day guidance. 

We continue to work towards our goal of raising and donating $50,000 to charity over the course of the year and are currently over the $10,000 mark.  

Last, but certainly not least, over the last week, there’s been a swell of reports on sexism and harassment in the international brewing and hospitality industry spurred by @ratmagnet’s Instagram account. This is a deep-rooted problem that requires industry-wide training and effort to ensure every environment is safe for staff and customers. We wanted to list a few actionable items that have been immensely positive for our culture: written and enforced anti-harassment policies, third-party intervention (investigation, training, mediation), working with a DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) consultant, internal and external human resources, anonymous reporting channels and a consistent and active commitment to learning and growth through action. 

Cheers to change.