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This is Us

Our Commitment


Great beer accessible to all


  1. Independent producer and industry leader.
  2. Company growth – growing a great and inclusive company – a great place to work and be proud of.
  3. Customer and community-oriented.
  4. Innovations and partnerships to create new products.
  5. A Pacific Northwest approach to making great beer using regional ingredients.

Core Values

  1. Building authentic relationships while fostering an inclusive, diverse, and respectful workplace.
  2. Striving to be environmentally and community conscious.
  3. Learning & growing together through innovation, education, and evolution of our people and products.
  4. Providing “unparalleled” products and excellent customer service inspired by our love of craft beer.
  5. Promoting fairness and equality in all aspects of our business.

Our Beginnings

In 2012, friends Anthony Frustagli, Nick Paladino, and Mike Sleeman quit their cushy day jobs to go all in on a shared dream of opening their very own craft brewery. Although bursting with ambition and excitement, the founding trio needed a technical lead to bring their ideas to life. Enter Graham With, a highly respected and well-known Vancouver homebrewer perfect for the position. Next up was the need for a seasoned sales lead to help bring P49 to the greater community. Friend Michael Tod confidently filled this position, bringing diehard craft beer enthusiast Scott Venema along with him. And just like that, Parallel 49 Brewing Company had its first six investors – and its first six employees.

Today, Parallel 49 Brewing is sold in over 100 cities across Canada, serving up more than 70 unique brews per year. With over 90 employees, P49’s next step is to move farther into Eastern Canada while continuing to deliver on their mission statement: Making great beer accessible to all!


Combination 13 Artwork

Recently, we called our label artist Steve Kitchen to find out where all the warehouse Sharpies went and got hoodwinked into talking about art...

(ring, ring)

Steve: Hello

Parallel49: Steve! it’s Parallel49.

Steve: Is this about the website profile?

Parallel49: Sure, can we ask you some questions?

Steve: Fire away!

Parallel49: Where on earth are you from?

Steve: I’m from a small town in East England. Notable 700 years ago for it’s church, 80 years ago for Iron Ore mining and more recently for being the birthplace of Doc Martin boots. Coincidently Parallel 49’s buyer and supplies officer Sam, is from the next town across where a fierce rivalry exists - Here in Canada we’ve decided to call a truce, but if we see each on home turf, it is most certainly on.

Parallel49: How did you get into art?

At an early age I developed a penchant for drawing 700 year old churches, dis-used iron ore mines and Doc Martin boots. I enjoyed the inevitable spoils from that for a good while, but chose not to rest upon those laurels - My first commission was a huge poster for the window of the local pet shop, I successfully negotiated myself five crisp English pounds for the task. it took me all day to complete, cost me £9 in pens and was a great indicator of future business acumen. But oh boy was I proud of that poster on display in the pet shop window, nestled proudly in-between the novelty dogs toys & the moody iguanas.

Parallel49: Art School?

Steve: Possibly, I always felt Art School to be more of a state of mind than a physical thing.

Parallel49: Influences?

Mostly Reg Mombassa, David Vicente, Vince Ray, Jimbo Phillips, JonJo Shelvey, Art Spiegelman, and the guy that invented Madballs - My artwork doesn’t really resemble all of these artist styles, but they most certainly blazed a trail for guys like me to stroll along.

Parallel49: Aside from Parallel 49, you do alot of music related artwork, how did that come about?

Steve: I drew some speculative gigposters for bands coming through town, they were mostly impressed and even threatened to pay me should I dare repeat the caper - Things snowballed and word got around. I started getting into the shows for free and made all kinds of drunken promises to all kinds of people - My inbox filled up, I quit my day job and dared not look back.

Parallel49: Anyone we’ve heard of?

Most of my artwork can be found in the punk and ska genres, you’ve likely heard of Goldfinger & NOFX, but maybe not Cartoon Violence & Sonic Boom Six. I also got into the re-issue game for abit, which wasn’t mega creative, but to have my name in the credits on records by Madness, The Ramones & Rancid is just plain ridiculous.

Parallel49: What do you love?

Savage wit, tiki mixologists, cars, good music, moonlit verandas, adventure, intrigue, mystery, my p49 free beer card, monkeys, dogs, Italia 90, tuxedo cats.

Paralle49: What do you hate?

Nosy neighbours, the phone, the righteous, the pompous, corned beef, comedy deadlines.

Parellel49: Relaxation?

I go tubing twice a year whether I need to or not.

Paralle49: Any advice?

Get an accent and possibly a catchphrase. “I’ll go and have a proper think’ has excused me from numerous design meetings through the years.

Parallel49: Do you have any favourite labels you’ve created for us?

Absolutely, Stunt Double, Lost Souls, Trash Panda, Cobra Clutch, Filthy Dirty, Space Kitty all spring to mind!

Parallel49: Where can we see more?

I signed up for instagram ( but try to avoid food selfies whilst still maintaining a healthy diet. I also occasionally re-tweet classic goals & gaffs from the English football league via twitter (

Parallel49: Know anything about those warehouse Sharpies, Steve?

Steve: (click)

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