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Big news…

We are proud to announce that the P49 Employees’ Association was certified by the British Columbia Labour Relations Board on February 17, 2021.

A bit about this process: over the past 15 months, employees have worked to create an Employees Association. The ongoing pandemic had a significant effect on the timing but the staff worked diligently towards certification by the Labour Relations Board, voting in high numbers and completing all of the provincially-mandated requirements. Ownership was aware and supportive of their goal. We are thrilled that certification happened with 98% of employees voting in favour of the Employees Association.

The company is continuing the momentum of growth and will jointly and enthusiastically work with the Employee Association. A safe, equitable and supportive workplace is the foundation of all we do.

Charity updates: We’ve donated $1000 to the Vancouver Food Bank from the sales of No Way Jaån, $1000 to Jewish Family Services from the sales of Bubbie’s Brew and  $2000 to Hogan’s Alley Society from the sales of Ren-aissance, our collaboration with Ren Navarro from Beer. Diversity. We’ve also donated $1000 to the Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice, which serves and supports seniors in Vancouver’s Chinatown/DTES with essential services including grocery delivery and PPE. See more on their current fundraising efforts here.

As many of you might already know, we have been working closely with Ren Navarro on issues both big and small and plan to do so on a long-term basis. We speak to Ren several times a week about a wide-range of topics including accountability, transparency and day-to-day issues that come up. Her guidance and insight has made a significant impact on our culture and we can’t thank her enough for her commitment. If you have a moment, check out her latest non-beer related venture, Do Better, Be Better.

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