Are you legally allowed to drink alcohol where you live?


-Management training is underway for the ownership group and managers. 


-We continue to engage with our staff on the type of support they need. As mentioned in our previous update, our long-term programs will include an internal People and Culture position and external human resources programs through The Neutral Zone, as well as other programs as needed/requested by staff.  


-We have made a monetary donation to Water First, whose mission is to “address water challenges in Indigenous communities in Canada through education, training and meaningful collaboration.” We encourage anyone who would like to learn more about the clean water crisis facing Indigenous communities to visit


-We have made a monetary donation to RainCity Housing. We recognize that the Lower Mainland is in the midst of a long-term affordable housing crisis that disproportionately affects vulnerable communities. To that end, we have asked our donation be allocated to RainCity’s LGBTQ2S+ housing for youth program, the first of its kind in Canada. To learn more about RainCity Housing and their programs, visit


-This week we will begin our work with Ren Navarro, a leader on the Canadian beer scene and founder of Beer. Diversity


We continue to work hard on our action plan and we encourage anyone with questions or concerns to reach out to