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We were recently made aware of an Instagram account that includes personal anecdotes of current and former staff members about mistreatment and inappropriate conduct by ownership and fellow employees. We are saddened by what we have read and more importantly, saddened by what employees have endured – and for this we sincerely apologize. 

As owners, we take full responsibility and will make no excuses.  We failed to provide a respectful and inclusive working environment, and this has caused pain.

Our ownership group has tried to build our brewery based on the values of respect, teamwork, customer service, and product quality – but obviously, we have not lived up to these key tenants. For this we are disappointed in ourselves and want to thank @notourp49 and current and former staff members along with members of the community who have bravely brought their personal experiences to light as they are not consistent with our core values.

Of course, it’s not good enough to simply acknowledge these serious issues, and our ownership group is taking steps that will ensure a respectful and inclusive work environment. It starts with development of an action plan that includes:

  • Hiring an HR professional to deliver a higher level of support for employees
  • Sensitivity and management training for all levels of management, including our ownership group
  • Working with staff to identify and address areas in which workplace culture does not reflect our key values
  • Exploring a partnership with the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities, to fund, develop and enforce a program for owners, employees and customers

The action plan will be a living document that will identify actions, status of progress and updated employee policies – and will be posted on our website.

There is no undoing the past, but we hope that through a series of actions and a sincere commitment to create a better workplace culture, we can create a better experience for current and future employees and patrons.