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Tasting Room + Beer Store

Flights & Fills.
Beer To Go.

Tasting Room

Sample a range of beers, from our latest flavour innovations to P49's greatest hits.


  • Growler fills
  • Glasses & flights
  • Samples
  • Merchandise
  • Growler glass for sale
  • We rent kegs! Email for info.


  • Kids without guardians
  • Animals (with the exception of service animals)
  • No shirt, no shoes, no service
  • Dirty growlers

Our Tasting Room and Beer Store is open everyday

Daily: 11am - 11pm

1950 Triumph St. Vancouver, BC, Canada V5L1K5

On Tap Now

Ginger Beer Soda Pop

Ginger Beer

Soda Pop

Made with fresh ginger, sugar, lemons and cayenne. Big ginger flavour with a spicy kick that travel to the sinus. Refreshing and not too sweet.

Root Beer Soda Pop

Root Beer

Soda Pop

House made with nine spices and unfiltered.

Tricycle Grapefruit Radler


Grapefruit Radler

Our European style radler is the drink of champions. Tart grapefruit juice and crisp lager combine for a refreshing summer hybrid - it's like rocket fuel for leisure time.

Tumble Down the Sink ISA

Tumble Down the Sink


Tumble Down the Sink is a Session IPA, perfect for those looking for all the delicious flavour and aroma of an IPA but with a lower alcohol content. This beer is dry and easy drinking with strong passion fruit, grapefruit and evergreen aromas from the Mosaic, Simcoe and Columbus hops. Tumble is loaded with hoppy goodness with a pleasant herbal floral finish and lingering evergreen bitterness.

BUMP BA Farmhouse Ale


BA Farmhouse Ale

A blend of mixed-culture sour farmhouse ales, aged in French oak and whiskey barrels for ten months. Crisp and light on the palate with notes of sherry, vanilla, almond, stone fruit, and oaky tannins, with a light earthy funk of smoke and leather.

Craft Lager Munich Helles

Craft Lager

Munich Helles

Clean, crisp and refreshing. A pale lager with all malted barley and local hops.

Jerkface 9000 Northwest Wheat Ale

Jerkface 9000

Northwest Wheat Ale

American wheat ale dry hopped with Mosaic hops. Light grain/malt base with a flavourful hop punch and refreshing body.

Old Boy Brown Ale

Old Boy

Brown Ale

Spawned from the English Brown Ale, this strongly flavoured classic ale has notes of caramel and chocolate character, which balances the slight hop bitterness and finish.

WobblyPop Pale Ale


Pale Ale

A pale, refreshing and hoppy beer with supporting caramel malts that keep the beer balanced. The Northwest hops showcase flavours of oranges and grapefruits while the yeasts provide a juicy peach flavour during fermentation.

Craft Pilsner Czech Pilsner

Craft Pilsner

Czech Pilsner

Our Craft Pilsner is inspired by the traditional Czech Pilsner style and is brewed with Saaz and Saphir hops with a blend of Moravian and Canadian Pilsner malt. This beer is crisp and refreshing with a rich and complex bready maltiness complimented by the slightly spicy and floral hop character. Craft Pilsner pours pale gold and has a creamy, long-lasting head. It’s extremely sessionable and a fantastic ode to the classic style. 

Ol' Keller Pale Kellerbier

Ol' Keller

Pale Kellerbier

Young unfiltered German pale lager. Pleasant spicy herbal "noble" hop flavor up front. Crisp malt with sweet impression. Light level of haze gives chewy mouthfeel. Dry and refreshing. Firm bitterness, and spicy noble hop aftertaste lingers.

Trash Panda Hazy IPA

Trash Panda

Hazy IPA

Boasting citrus and fruity notes with very little bitterness and a smooth mouthfeel.

Hatch Panda Hazy IPA

Hatch Panda

Hazy IPA

Brewers and winemakers have a lot in common. They love great wine and they love great beer. Often times at the end of a night it's hard to tell where the beer ended and the wine began or if either one even ended at all. Hatch Panda is the best of the Okanagan and East Vancouver. A hazy IPA gently crafted using Gewurztraminer grape must from the Hatch Winery

Vienna Lager



Rich complex toasty bready malt flavor with hint of caramel. Light spicy flavor. Light but firm bitterness that balances with malt. Fairly dry. Rich in malt flavor yet balanced and easy drinking.

Ruby Tears Northwest Red Ale

Ruby Tears

Northwest Red Ale

A ruby red coloured ale with a rich caramel malt flavour and a burst of West Coast hops. Using only late hop additions and dry-hopping, the bitterness is restrained while the hop flavour and aroma are pronounced.

Nana's Nectar Pear & Rhubarb Milkshake IPA

Nana's Nectar

Pear & Rhubarb Milkshake IPA

Nana’s Nectar is a Pear and Rhubarb Milkshake IPA created by Jared and Bee through our staff brew program. This beer is exploding with sweet pear, peach, mango and citrus aromas and has a delicate rhubarb flavour and slightly tart finish. The addition of lactose and oats give it a thick and creamy mouthfeel and subtle sweetness which gives a milkshake-like impression.

Filthy Dirty IPA

Filthy Dirty


A west coast IPA with a tonne of hop flavour and aroma. Subtle sweet malt flavour backs up the huge amount of orange, grapefruit, pine and floral aromas this beer expels.

Book a Tour

Experience Parallel 49 behind the scenes with a guided tour of our brewery. Book a private tour through


  • Private/public tours
  • Tours are FREE!
  • Minors welcome
  • Tour includes beer tasting (bring ID!)
  • Arrive 15 mins early
  • Tipping your guide earns you a high five
  • Can be wheelchair accessible by request
  • Offered Sundays from 12-5pm, on the hour.


  • Open-toed shoes
  • Non-service animals

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